Thursday, July 7, 2011

Zucchini ahoy!

This year, I planted four zucchini plants - a yellow one, two different green ones and a scallopini too. It turns out that 4 plants is probably too many for two people (especially when one of them is away quite a lot this summer...). Every couple of days I go out to check them, and they seem to have grown to marrows while I wasn't watching.

Here is last night's haul:
Four green (all off one plant), a yellow (I'm trying to pick them when they're wee so that we don't have quite so many) and two scallopini.

And here is my total outstanding number:
That's quite a few zucchini for one medium sized human.

So I decided to make this:

Zucchini, pea and herb soup. Some of the peas were from the garden, all of the zucchini were and so were the herbs (I used a mixture of rosemary, oregano and mint). It was very tasty!

Next on the list is zucchini chocolate cake!


  1. I just found your blog!! Cute!! I look forward to reading more posts from you :) PS... can you try and convince the hubby that moving to California would be a good idea?? I miss it! haha :)

  2. GO THE GARDEN! I love zucchini bread yummy!