Sunday, November 18, 2012

26 weeks

This week I had a midwife appointment, which is always fun. We're up to fortnightly appointments now which is a bit exciting - only 14 weeks to go! This week I also have to get my gestational diabetes screening test done, which doesn't sound like too much fun, but one of those things that is necessary.

My fundal height was measuring 26cm (right on for 26 weeks) and baby's heartbeat was 137bpm. Blood pressure (just for you mum) was 110/60.

It was great as Susan (midwife) showed me where the head was (just to the right of and above my belly button). Now that I know what it feels like, I've been able to follow it around, although baby doesn't seem to be flipping too much, it's often in the same place.

Here are a couple of bump pictures from this week (apologies about the quality, it's hard to take them by yourself, it was very bright outside and my camera wasn't co-operating). I'm quite excited because I can see my hips again! Baby bump has definitely moved more out the front, and a few people have commented in the last couple of weeks that I don't look at all pregnant from behind (I'm sure that's some old wives' tale as to what gender it's supposed to be!).

Baby has been moving around a lot, and kicking lots! A few days last week he/she must have been in a different position and kicking downwards, but this morning he/she's back to normal and creating earthquakes in my belly. A great feeling! (Here's some video)

I'm feeling really good, hardly any aches or pains or even discomfort. Sleeping is great (with the help of my huge pregnancy pillow) and everything is just going so well!

I need some suggestions of fun children's music that is acceptable for parents to listen to as well. Any ideas?

Belly button: still in, no indication of it sticking out yet
Gender prediction: I was so sure it was a boy earlier, but now I'm thinking more towards girl.
Stretch marks: Not on my tummy yet

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