Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things I'm loving...

I've been enjoying reading other bloggers' "Things I'm loving" posts and thought I'd join in on the action...

This week, my favorite things are...
  • Mango honey! I can't decide if it's from bees in a mango tree forest, or if its actually mixed with mangoes, but it's very very tasty...and I am a honey loving bear.
  • My thermal mug! I take so long to drink my tea that this way, I can pick it up 4 hours later and its still warm. Saves leaving 1/2 drunk cups of tea around the house.
  • The smell of coppertone just reminds me of childhood summers.
  • The intrigue of waking up in the mornings to find all the cupboard doors open. For some reason Sahara can not leave a cupboard door shut, and has figured out how to open them...the wardrobe, bathroom cupboards, hallway cupboard, linen closet, laundry, kitchen sink... strange cat!
  • Remembering not to buy white tea towels or hand towels when there is a male in the house! 
  • The amazing treats Winston bought back from Washington DC via our friends there via the NZ Embassy - I got pineapple lumps, minties, gingernuts, k-bars, wine gums, milo, rashuns and burger rings!
  • The smell and look of a freshly mowed lawn. Especially when it was me and only me that mowed and weedeated(ate?)/strimmed(strum?)/weedwhacked (why are there so many words for this task and why do I not know the past tense of almost any of them?) my lawnS and edges. (Yes that's lawns with an 's', not just lawn).

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