Sunday, July 3, 2011

My very pretty nails...

So I've been working pretty hard at not biting my nails (thanks to Winston's reminders ("Get your fingers out of your mouth! Now!") which are very much appreciated now, although perhaps less so at the time.)

Just to prove that they have been growing, here are some before and after pictures. Before = May 24, when I decided for good that I had to stop, as they were so incredibly ugly. Middle = last week before I had a manicure. Last = now, after my wonderful manicure given to me as a gift.

So I'm not there yet, they are 50% beautiful, and 50% less so. But on the positive side, the cuticles are healthy (no more ripped, bleeding, infected skin) my nails are tough, strong, and not ridged. Which is really more than I deserve having treated them so badly for 27 (oops I mean 28) years!

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