Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Birthday Resolution

Well, its my birthday today and I have decided to make a "birthday resolution". This is something that my husband has been trying to help me stop doing for...hmmm...well...about as long as I've known him (make that over 7 years). Because I have a really bad habit - I bite my fingernails terribly. So much so that they bleed, the sides are all ripped, my fingers are stubby, the nails are completely damaged - got white spots all over them and are all ridged, and they are such a mess. I thought that when I got my beautiful engagement and wedding rings that I would be shamed into stopping biting them, but it didn't help either.

But for no longer will they look so messy! From tomorrow onwards, I am going to stop chewing, biting, ripping, picking or mouthing my nails.

How you ask? I've been biting them for 28 years, how will I stop now? Well, firstly, I'm going to create myself a sticker chart (I already have an exercise sticker chart, more on that another time). My sticker chart is just a calendar, and each day that I go without biting my nails, I'll get a sticker. At the end of the first week of complete stickers, I'm going to buy myself a treat. And the same after three whole weeks. After a month, I will get a bigger treat. (I'm hoping that the age-old child sticker chart - treat method will work for me!). I've also got bottles of that foul-tasting nail polish which from now on I will carry at all times, along with a pair of nail clippers.

I'm also hoping that by being accountable and making it public...I will be more motivated to stop. So I'm going to provide updates, with photos!

Any help, suggestions, encouragement, tips or anything else would be much appreciated!

Here are photos as at t:0

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